She has touched our hearts from a small kitten we picked from the litter of a friend’s cat, through almost losing her to aplastic anemia twice as a young cat, to all the years she ignored all the rest of us and concentrated her love and attention on our son and then finally these later years accepting us older folks as hers too. She has been a member of our family from summer 1994 until now.

Mittens, Rest in Peace February 27, 2011

The old lady lays, limp across my lap.
Her breathing slow, opening her mouth
to let out the lingering gasps of life.
Her body boneless, her once sleek fur
falling out in clumps, thin and brittle
No longer aware of my presence,
I lay her gently on a pillow.
She outlasted eight of her known lives.
Served out companionship and love,
helped mature a young boy into a man,
kept pests like mice at bay.
Wonder where in heaven her trusting
soul may play, cry out in birdcalls,
throw a paw at butterflies
live without ticks or fleas,
arthritic knees, a heart that beat too fast
and find the joy of a bounding run,
be there waiting when our own lives are done.


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