A Dancing Invitation

A Dancing Invitation or
“the God Who Invites Us to Dance”

Wrapped shoulder to shoulder
men laugh, kick up heels in a circle
run clockwise, counter-clockwise
keeping step to a beat of clapping hands.

Women encircled
form their own in exuberant cheer,
feet whirl in exotic patterns
fabric weaves in a braid
of rainbow-ed human fantasy.

Hand to hand arms lift high
in a shout of praise,
reach out and pull others
from the sidelines,
toes sliding in the dirt
into the dance.

Christ, his face a glowing sheen
flushed with joy, a hint of perspiration
kicks sandaled feet in a complex rhythm
twists his knees left then right,
leading this rollicking procession
into heaven’s wedding celebration.

To Life!

c. Darlene Moore Berg



Filed under Religious

4 responses to “A Dancing Invitation

  1. naomi

    brings a smile

  2. I love this – so free and joyous!

  3. That gives me goosebumps, it’s so wonderful. 🙂

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