This week the daffodils have been a sign of hope that spring is here. Today the forecast if for snow. Such is March in her madness…

Daffodils I: The Yellow Troopers

The loyalty of daffodils stands guard,
frame in full regalia a now abandoned yard
grass and stone compose a meandering walk
A jutting form of concrete cries “Comp’ny, Halt!”

The framework of some pilgrim’s home is gone.
Weeds twist and twine throughout the errant lawn.
Saplings flower from the base of a nonexistent stoop,
and yet spring to eternal spring march on these yellow troops.

Daffodils II: Honor Guard

The loyalty of daffodils—
an honor guard arraigned in full regalia
lines the remnant of some bygone
homestead’s path.
A rubble of concrete marks the end
of this golden parade.

A sapling raises buds above
the one-time porch’s floorboards.
Yellow heads bow to the winds of fortune
but return to attention
each springtime season
—mark with dignity long buried hopes.

c.Darlene Moore Berg



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2 responses to “Daffodils

  1. Lovely tribute to these hardy spring flowers!

  2. .Apricot Whirl Daffodil . April showers will bring May flowers. I think that line was written for northerly climes. Line climes. Get it? Seriously showers of flowers are in profusion already here at Smith-Gilbert and it s just late March proceeding rapidly into early April. The Daffodils and Camellias continue their showy parade. Azaleas are on the cusp with fat buds peeking bright glimpses of color. Rhododendrons and Native Azaleas with their ripening plump buds are showing equal promise for April and May wonder. It won t be long at all before the sister tree Carolina Silverbell geographically speaking to our Yoshino Flowering Cherry will be dripping with pure white upside-down cups of color. Not far away another lovely native tree Magnolia acuminate Cucumber Magnolia is soon to go on stage with tulip-like butter yellow blossoms..Throughout the Garden pockets of spring ephemerals are coming and going in bright ripples of color along the woodland floor Trilliums Bloodroot Hepatica Bleeding Heart Celandine Poppy etc. Hurry as they will come and go before the ink is dry on this e-message! While our lawn is irreverently sprinkled with pale blue stars of Ipheion yellow Dandelion purple Henbit blue Violets white Chickweed pale Bluets etc. Purists may scoff we don t have the maintenance expense they do and enjoy a much more interesting turf than monochromatic expanses of zoysia or bermuda! Come and see why SGG is a low maintenance landscape in part due to the lawn areas and in major part due to the foresight of the Garden s founders Doctor Robert Gilbert and Richard Smith in positioning plantings so that they could grow and mature where sited without spending wasted time on pruning to keep them in bounds..And the Garden beats on. Burdundy Loropetalum frames the front parking in an attention getting hot pink blast.

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