Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk

Jesus, if you were there sitting across from me
on the veranda in a blue-striped lounge chair

And we were sharing a pitcher of sweetened ice tea
in the shade of the sun-umbrella

And I had baked us a batch of shortbread cookies
and picked a quart of ruby red strawberries

Would you mind spending time together just talking
and sharing one on one like two good friends?

You could express to me your greatest struggles,
how it was praying in the garden while others slept around you.

You might give me pointers on how to keep believing, have faith
through adversity while everyone around who you know deserts you.

Could you, would you always be there for me, let me know
how much you love me, what you expect from me in turn?

And Jesus, How can I be more like you, how can I be true to you
in this crazy, mixed up world I’m living in?

And Jesus, my friend, I see you in that empty chair
across from where I sit. I only need the faith to know you’re there,
that you hear every word I say,
every word I pray.
—-Let’s keep talking.

c. Darlene Moore Berg


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