A Good Friday Concern

A Good Friday Concern

It could not have been
through the hands the nails
were bored, hammered—
the weight of the body
would have torn free
and Our Lord fallen
on His face in Calvary’s mud.

Between the two bones of
the forearm just before the wrist
the crude heavy nails
could be pounded
where flesh would least resist
and the pain would bleed
into cramped fists.

Forgive them this, Father
Forgive them this, Lord

The executioners, only men
under orders of their superiors
they know not to whom
they perform their gruesome task
and know better than to ask…
Another crucifixion
only one of three in an afternoon.

c, Darlene Moore Berg


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One response to “A Good Friday Concern

  1. Well said. The scene is sharply drawn.
    Oh, how He loves us.

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