Joseph of Arimathaea: Good Friday

After reading today’s Other Food devotional, decided to post this, too.

Joseph of Arimathaea: Good Friday

Full of outrage, the strength of indignation
over the scandalous trial of Jesus,
I approached Pilate and requested the body,
the unliving husk of our hopes.
Nicodemus, another Jew of standing,
joined with me at the cross—
no longer a secret our love
and respect for the Master.
Too late we come to bury Him,
not to give Him our lives.
We tug at the nails wet with our sorrow,
dirty our hands with His holy blood.
Unclean by Law, we sacrifice our Passover.
We wrap Him with linen, costly spices.
Gently we lay Him in a tomb
newly chiseled from solid rock.
Old men we are.
Old in fear.
Old in grief.
We seal the tomb.
We seal in hope.
We seal in our hearts.

c. Darlene Moore Berg


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