Flood Line

Spring flooding this year is making the news. I may have my home up on a rise away from any river views but as the photo shows the road out my subdivision sometimes is a bit waterlogged in heavy rains. Let us remember to pray for all those affected by the rising waters this month.

Flood Line

The drama of water draws
something uncontrollable pulls
the majesty, the movement
its silent mysterious murmurings
the River, deep, wide.

A desire for a view
an un-encumbered vista
above the spring rampages
a safe distance from disaster

Levees are all
well and good
but note the watermark
from the highest flood
and plan accordingly.

Find a perch, perfect,
up on a rise or a bluff
and not bother
with the necessity
for flood insurance
add earthquake insurance
if you must.
Keep the smoke alarm
batteries charged
and there abide.

c.Darlene Moore Berg



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2 responses to “Flood Line

  1. Keep safe and sound, and stocked up on fresh batteries. There seems to be a lot of flooding this spring. In Canada, the Assiniboine River (Manitoba) is over its banks and I saw some amazing photos on The Big Picture blog (boston.com) of floods on the Mississippi.

  2. Mary Ellen Huetsch

    Hi Darlene,
    Your poems are very nice. After seeing that photo of the road by your subdivision I read the poem and it reminded me of the floods in Monroe County in 1993 when the levee broke. I googled your name because we are having a class reunion and wanted your address to invite you. Can you please send it to me? Mary Ellen (Arras) Huetsch jhuetsch@aol.com

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