An Open Book

An Open Book

Each day I need to read You
compose myself before You
open up a new chapter
start a page with its ink
barely dry in the rising sun of my heart.

What you write into my mind and being
springs from words you have carefully composed
and from a few you hastily scrawl
into my perceptions from the backs
of grocery receipts, road signs, letters from friends.
Dime-store novels, poetry journals.

Fresh, vibrant truth expresses itself
in forms more easy to receive.
study, transcribe, digest;
I perceive You in all directions,
each word a reflection of Word.

In your writing, you read me well.
You expose to me all my secret desires,
my weaknesses, faults,
the soul’s most hidden elements…
Your words penetrate, sear, tear apart,
reconstruct, and ultimately
re-write the direction, the format
of this day’s life.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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One response to “An Open Book

  1. Dear Darlene,
    This poem is one the best I have read from you. That’s is right, we must open His “book” every day to listen our Creator. Many blessings in Christ.

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