Cemetery Plots

This poem was written at least a decade ago. With all the “end of the world” and “rapture” speculations on the net today a little “resurrection fun” imagining the joy.

Cemetery Plots

The gardens sown with dry husks
bloom with merriment:
heads, hands, arms, legs, feet
emerge, stretch
into a whirlwind of
prismatic color.
Voices radiate song—
a long “alleluia”
rises octave upon octave
bass to soprano arpeggios.

Stone inscriptions shatter
into disjointed elegies.
Plastic flower petals
weave into thornless crowns…
Joy ascends in a dance,
a parade
high-kicking with every step
closer to heaven.
A ribbon of life plaits into
the essence of His Bride.
He takes her hand….

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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Filed under Light hearted, Religious

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