Tornado Watch

An unsettled day, another in May. This poem written a year or two ago. And yes we do have a tornado watch this evening which is a definite improvement from the tornado warnings half the afternoon. This poem is not about the events of this week but I am haunted by the images from Joplin, MO.

Tornado Watch is in Effect Until 9PM

the whispers of what is beyond
the event horizon—
wisps of clouds
feather white across a dazzle of blue

What is true?

Warm sunshine ripples a reflection
in the copper birdbath,
the redbud blushes,
a goldfinch filches seed
from a backyard feeder

Hard to heed a warning
when the smudge of gray to the west
is hidden, imperceptible
to the eye
blocked behind the skyline

or what is building inside
the right and left main coronary vessels
of a heart, the micro-vasculature
of the mind

Through an open window
hear the rising hum of a siren.
What preparations left to be made
to survive the approaching onslaught?

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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