He Sees

He Sees

“How do you know anything about me?” Nathaniel
“I saw you…” Jesus

not invisible
though I sit and rock in the dark
find a hidden crevice to crouch in
hide behind some forgotten door
closet my essence
though I veil my head and face,
escape within my own mind,
blend with the woodwork

He sees
His light reveals who I am—
from the inside out.
He understands
He sees His creation,
the formation of His hands.
In Truth
He sees— me.

c. Darlene Moore Berg



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3 responses to “He Sees

  1. This poem is a reprise from the archives of my older poetry blog but thought it time to recycle it again.

  2. Hi Darlene,

    I enjoy “recycling” older poems too and creating new Posts with elements from older Posts. New readers are probably visiting all the time, but without the time to read our Archives. I’m not writing a lot right now, so these other aspects of blogging are interesting to consider.

  3. naomi

    makes me think of Hagar in Genesis.
    love it.
    and Ps. 139.
    thank you, darlene!

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