Scrabbled Solitaire

Going through my files I found this poem written several years ago, okay I confess, maybe closer to decades ago. Now I play Scrabble on the computer at a level where I win over half the time. The next level more advanced I win only one in twenty.

Scrabble Solitaire

The first word, M-I-K-E, a noun—
Short for “Michael” or “microphone”
no proper names allowed.
So it is for “microphone” and not
my husband who is out tonight
with our young son.

I have letters to spell A-N C-L-O-U-D.
For the next play shall I “unlock” my mind
or “unmold” in form a shape of words,
or be a “Dunce” or join a “Dance?”

Sorry, no double word scores
available this round.
I’ll try for a triple letter score
for “C” instead, if it’ll fit.

Change position.
I’m playing a three-handed solitary game.
I promise not to peek at the
neighboring tiles—I do not cheat.

It is better to “give” than to “receive”,
but not in Scrabble.
I like to put a little “zip” into the game
or “equip” my score by landing
on the red triple-word score spots.
I am “elated” when I win.
And I win all three hands.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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