“No Thanks”

a gentle reminder before the Day…

No Thanks Given

No “Thanks” were given.
The food spread out in festive feasting,
the people scrunched around the table…
And no word given
to the Provider of all good things.

Forgotten in the rush
of stuffing the plates full,
a bit of each and every dish.
Lives stuffed full, sated
and no time left to honor
the Creator of all life.

Remembered late,
the dishes long soaking in the sink.
The words would not come
beyond the regret wrapped
around the heart.

And now Lord this morning,
(after I polished off the pecan pie
and drank my cup of Earl Gray tea)
I appeal to You, Savior, forgive
…my thanklessness
the ingratitude that has invaded
the fibers of all our lives.

c.Darlene Moore Berg



Filed under Life, Religious

2 responses to ““No Thanks”

  1. Dear Darlene, Yes, good to be grateful! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Blessings, Ellen

  2. something we need check daily

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