Holiday Apparel

I am told this is the year of the “ugly” holiday sweater…

Holiday Apparel

Christmas cheer
I wear it in reds and greens
Santas, elves and trees
I wear it in blue and white
frosty snowmen, stars at night

Sweatshirts and sweaters
earrings and necklaces
pins upon the lapel…
All shout the season
except for my smile.

Lord, I go through the motions
wear my devotions
but my cradle is empty
I’ve left the infant
somewhere out in the cold.

I come to your altar, Father
pour out the bitterness,
the sadness, the self-centered heart
humbly accept your Gladness
the joy, the peace of Christ
I don the wonder of Your Love.



Filed under Christmas, Light hearted, Religious

2 responses to “Holiday Apparel

  1. Hi Darlene, Your special voice! Love the last line…how you develop the poem to this conclusion. I don’t know anything about fashion. Found some wonderful old sweaters with lots of character at a thrift store, a few dollars each.

    Merry Christmas, Ellen

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