It’s Not All Relative

It’s Not All Relative

Know if I jump from this tree
I’ll land in the grass and weeds beneath me.
Gravity, a universal, undeniable fact.
No matter how I fantasize I can fly, I come back splat.
It’s not how I act, believe, think, feel.
Try jumping up to the sky yourself for proof its real.

One oxygen combined with two hydrogen ions
equals one molecule water.
I drink it from the tap. The cat laps it from her bowl.

Time somehow stretches towards infinity at the speed of light.
The spectrum of light shifts with acceleration, deceleration.
The boiling point of water varies with altitude.

And what remains constant?
Faith, hope, love: God unvariable.
Try jumping into His arms for proof.
Let your fingers explore the scars
tracing the palms of His hands.
Summon up your nerve, address the name of God,
speak to Him in full honesty.
Know He hears you, when He speaks in return,
don’t deny it.

Some things aren’t relative, they’re true—
The dawn following a day of disasters.
The rain slashing your lashes in a sudden storm.
An empty tomb one Sunday morn….
Adorned only with abandoned linen.
Coming in clouds and glory— Christ’s return

c.Darlene Moore Berg



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2 responses to “It’s Not All Relative

  1. Amen, Darlene, as always your poetry challenges and illuminates…

  2. Thanks. Glad you stopped in!

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