Judas Feet

Maundy Thursday: the night of Christ’s last Passover, the washing of the disciple’s feet, the betrayal and arrest. Here is another Easter week poem.

Judas Feet

In silence Christ knelt
and gathered up these limbs,
these weathered feet
who would walk out of here
this same night
and arrange the events
that led to death, His own.

In silence, in sorrow
He used the towel
to cleanse what
would not be clean.

No one noted if a tear
accidentally splashed
in the mud-splattered water
or on a bare foot.

He could feel the eyes
fastened to His bowed head.
From this one, perhaps, alone
He noted scorn, disdain—
not curiosity or wonder,
certainly not outrage….
That came from the left, Peter.

Toes curled under His unscarred palms
as He pat them dry.
Toes eager to grasp the road:
Eyes lifted, wrestled, locked
—Christ passed on.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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