Creep, Crawl, Cruise

Jeepers, Creepers!

Up on hands and knees, it’s a kick
rock the body back and forth
work on momentum
push with the hands and—
slide backward.
Push again, move the legs
and watch life recede.

Must work on this trick.
Rock faster, now pull,
grab the carpet with all ten fingers
and yowl, face first and down
for a count.

Never give up, baby.
It is time to crawl, to creep.
Try knee and hand coordination
and now — off, no stopping
the world in progress, got it made.
Fast and faster
here ‘m coming.

Laugh, raise a hand
in salutation.
You’re the man, the woman
of the day
and now you tell me
its time to walk?
We’ve got to talk!

c.Darlene Moore Berg



Filed under Life, Light hearted

2 responses to “Creep, Crawl, Cruise

  1. This is so good. You’ve nailed it!

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