Ducks take the Right-of-Way

Ducks take the Right-of-Way

Pause in your self-absorbed stride—
there is more alive than just you:
a dozen ducklings waddle into view
struggling to stay in a straight line
right behind their matriarch
She knows where she is headed
a definite direction in mind
from pond to hiding place in the brush
nothing will deter her or get in her way.
Not looking back she loses not one
fuzzy ball.

What were you going to do after all
in such a hurry? Such single-minded flurry?
Scurrying into what destination?
Look up into a blue sky, pink petals
floating by fall from a flowering crab tree
into the midst of your awareness.
Spring into reflection,
re-creation of your priorities.
This is a day the Lord has made.
For one minute— stop. Rejoice in it.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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One response to “Ducks take the Right-of-Way

  1. Great advice to pause in our “single-minded flurry. That’s quite a family! I wonder if she’s babysitting for her neighbor:)

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