Faith by Chocolate

Faith by Chocolate

Choosing and chocolate start
with the same three letters.
At a single cursory glance
by chance, while I drive
I read the title in your hand
as “Chocolate Faith”,
I think
desserts, something beyond
bland milky chocolate to
Dark aromatic cacao:
those little foil wrapped treasures
you can’t wait to tear into
the delectable individual promises,
hopes, blessings:
a rich dessert, multi-layered,
a blend of “joy in the morning”
with “dark night of the soul”
a complete, complex bittersweet whole.
The mouth feel, the pleasurable melting
of life into Life.
Addictive “holy-ness”

c.Darlene Moore Berg



Filed under Light hearted, Religious

3 responses to “Faith by Chocolate

  1. I’m a chocoholic so can relate. Have to restrict myself to one small rectangle per day. Glad I can never get too much of Christ!

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