Next Year in Jerusalem

I May Not be a Jew, But..

Next year in Jerusalem
a whisper, a promise
I come a pilgrim in my heart

I take apart an atlas
study the topography
of the land where faith is borne.

There are twists and turns
of narrow streets
where feet may wander
into steps embedded
with the search for God.

Hope lingers in the air
to meet the One , His word
etched in the stones
the hills, the vales
tangled in thickets
of olives, entwined
in the leaves of fig.

Where does God’s
Spirit dwell?
Search out archeological digs.
Hear the echo of prophets
Isaiah, Ezekial
and someone named John
take an excursion
baptize in Jordan’s

Does anyone know:
Is there still a pool
Bethsaida? Siloam?
Can the lame walk,
the blind see,
captives run free?

“Come” the whisper
next year

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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One response to “Next Year in Jerusalem

  1. D Judge

    The desire of all true believers—to meet the Lord. We long for “Jerusalem”!


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