The Perfect Christmas Poem…

star lightThe Perfect Christmas Poem—

Writes itself
whispers words to the pen
until the ink flows
onto the white, blank page.

Something about the first breath of God
in dependent human form.
Wordless, the Word cries.
Love, whimpers to be fed.

A song of Peace lifts into the hills
A stable fills with shuffling feet
and Hope meets men
with all their tears and fears.

Stars in the night,
Magi bearing gifts from foreign lnads
receive a gift from God’s own Hand.
The birth, the Life—

It’s all ours: to become
one with His Son
a child of God Almighty.
We cross the threshold of his Kingdom
kneel before his humble throne.

c. Darlene Moore Berg



Filed under Christmas, Religious

2 responses to “The Perfect Christmas Poem…

  1. an inspired masterpiece! “wordless, the word cries..”

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