Fish for Friday

In honor of lent and the tradition of eating fish on fridays…

Eating Fish Can Be a Healthy Part of Your Diet

Christ was not known to be a vegetarian,
this Jesus, this fisher of men,
grew up a child of the hills of Galilee.
He learned to appreciate his fish:
broiled, baked, smoked, grilled, fried
any way that can be imagined.
skin crisp, flesh flaky,
succulent, bones aside.

From his blessing baskets of fish and bread
were spread before the five thousand.
Not lamb, not beef, not chicken.

Christ licked his fingers clean in satisfaction
before eyes astonished, confused
and frightened in an upper room.
And here they thought him: crucified,
gone and dead.
Like the women said: “He is alive”
He knew just what to consume.

And then again before his ascension
he went on ahead.
Stirred up a fire and prepared a
sizzling seafood feast
on the Galilean lakeshore.
A few more lessons on responsibility:
reminded Peter his fishing days were done
with that one final catch:
Eat your fish, friend,
now follow this Son.

c. Darlene Moore Berg


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  1. Hi Darlene, Blessings for Lent and then Easter to you. Always appreciate your art. Ellen

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