A new Poem for Maundy Thursday

Behold the LambGospel of John 1:29, 36

Cherish the lamb
fuzzy, warm, wriggling
His nose butting against your chest,
the door of your heart.
White, soft, snow his fur
rough silk, catch
a strand curling around your fingers

Hold Him, closer
breathe in his essence
gaze into his clear bright eyes.
Feel the staccato of his heartbeat
pulse underneath your hand:
Tomorrow He dies for you
He will make your Passover
— complete.

c. Darlene Moore Berg



Filed under Easter, Religious

4 responses to “A new Poem for Maundy Thursday

  1. Thank-you for making the passover so real as grief over the devastation of my sin, that an innocent life should die for my peace with God.

  2. Dianne J

    Poignant! Mighty blessings on this Resurrection celebration! Dianne J

  3. Good to hear from you Charlie and you too Dianne.
    Christ is Risen! from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. Let us rejoice in HIM!

  4. D Judge

    Well done! Have a blessed Resurrection Day! Dianne


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