A Secret Place

An older poem but fitting for summertime

A Secret Place

Secrets grow here along the fence rows
at the edge of our small town.
Where all the interesting plants come
to congregate, settle themselves down.

Sassafras jostles with hedge-apples,
milkweed twines with briary blackberry vines,
maple saplings wrestle with oak.

And all the wee folk play hide and seek
with black-eyed Susan’s and run away
brandishing Queen Anne’s lace;
while Bachelor buttons corner shy violets.

A secret place: to climb unobserved, unseen
and sway one with the wind.
A mulberry bends under my small weight
—its fruit to taste: the secret place.

c. Darlene Moore Berg



Filed under Light hearted, Nature

3 responses to “A Secret Place

  1. Dianne judge

    Sweet scenario! Judge

  2. Love the rhythm. You can almost taste it, feel the secret place.

  3. naomi

    looking for your poem “KNOWN”

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