White Elephants

christmas dec05 022An annual tradition of our local church community for about the past decade has been the White elephant gift exchange/party. Due this year on New Year’s Day.

Come One, Come All!

The white elephants are on parade
disguised, camouflaged
in pretty bags, boxes, papers, bows
so no one can nose out the prize,
the surprise, the embarrassment
a size 2 party dress, I must confess
hilarious held up by a bearded old man.
A girl with a miter saw trades for a candle.
The pig cookie jar, who knew? A star!
A deer head joke, facial expressions priceless.
The annual Christmas goose is this years cardinals fan.
Pickled eggs? Straw hats?
What’s up with that?
Who would trade the laughter with the gifts?
Such a lift of heart to see families band together
and friends connect with one another.
And don’t you dare take that
one thousand piece puzzle
of the Grand canyon away from me!
See there is another gift left under the tree.
Who knows what it will be?

c. Darlene Moore Berg 2011


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  1. Reblogged this on Darlene's Poetical Pursuits and commented:

    It is that time again: Covenant Bible Church’s annual White Elephant exchange tonight. Starts at 5:30 with soup and sandwiches

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