The Master’s Example

Darlene's Poetical Pursuits

Holy Week, the Easter season. This poem relates to a scene in the Last Supper where Jesus is washing feet. see the Gospel of John 13:12-16..

The Master’s Example

The road-dust stained towel set aside,
brown water thrown out the upper-storey window—
An unexpected anointing for the unwashed
lingering outside in the back street
with a touch of the humble holiness of God the son.

With hearts subdued, feet clean,
we listened as words bathe
our battered pride, our expectations.
Hard to refute the Master:
the scene of Our Lord in service before us.
The lowest part, the most disreputable portion
of ourselves touched by His Hand.

Demands. Servant. Messenger.
Feet to carry the cleansing word of God out into all
the streets and alleys, the back lots of humanity.
Feet washed with water and towel by Jesus Christ himself.
Discipleship. Obedience.
We didn’t understand the price.

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