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Then Every Tree

“Then Every Tree in the Forest will Sing…”
I Chronicles 16:33

Willows hum their lonely blues,
swaying arms low in supplication to You.

Oaks cloaked in grey garments of Spanish moss,
vibrate in rhythm to finger-snapping jazz,
zydeco along the bayou.

Sugar maples turn traditional hymns into
a syrup of delicious arias of praise.

Aspens quaver in easy-listening harmonies,
clutching bravely to a steep ascent of scale.

Gnarled windswept pines chant monkishly
the Name to the roar of ocean breakers.

Palms toss to the rumba of the Carribean,
the tropic heat swelling on the tide…

A cacophony of clattering leaves,
weaves a symphony, an alleluia welcome
with the approach of Your footsteps
O Lord, Almighty.

c. Darlene Moore Berg


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Coldest April

This poem was written in 2007. May have to revise it to Coldest April in + 11 more years…

Coldest April in 114 years

In an inexplicable fit of irresponsibility
April flew out for a Carribean cruise last Wednesday.
She cut a deal for 11 days, 10 nights.
March had promised to do her a favor
and watch the spring weather for her.
But then he traded 4 days and three nights
from January to escape to Disney World.

And that’s how it is—
January put Spring to bed with his cold breath:
nipped and frosted each exuberant bud,
flower and newly out-flung green leaf;
Left wilted puddles of vegetation
across the country expanse.

When Spring awoke, she started to cry.
Inconsolable is she.
March tries to calm her down
with his erratic winds, but she’ll have
nothing to do with him.
May stopped by briefly to warm
things up a bit, but departed quickly.

Summer sent an angry e-mail to Mother
about the coming lack of fruit
for her famous jams and jellies.
Autumn wrote a P.S. about the quantity
of grapes for wine.

April is locked in her room upon
her return and won’t talk to anyone.
Mother Nature is on the line
with God the Father about what can be done
to minimize the damage April’s wrought.

c.2007 Darlene Moore Berg

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Avian Atheism

A vortex of blackbirds
spins in the autumn sky
shifting left, dancing right
soaring in concentric
twisting waves…
spirals neither ascending
or descending
— directionless flight.

c. Darlene Moore BergIMG_6652

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Cicada Serenade

Circadian Rhythm: Haiku Sequence

Unceasing applause
Cicada to cicada
Night-time violins

tuneless harmony
lullabies, no melodies
Sleepless audience

Ascendant moon grins
stars wink in approbation
Music crescendos

Feverish legs rub
Cicadas rapping on-stage
Winding down with dawn

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Bradford Pear

springApril 05 011
Bradford Pear

A snowfall of white petals
collect in my hair.
A hot south wind
strips blossoms bare.
The flowering pear
bends, sways, whips.

Grey towers build
in the late March sky
spring stalls
in the oncoming storm:
the sudden chill.

c. Darlene Moore Berg

This spring is a little behind as the pears are just now in full glory this second week of April but a cold front is coming!

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A Secret Place

An older poem but fitting for summertime

A Secret Place

Secrets grow here along the fence rows
at the edge of our small town.
Where all the interesting plants come
to congregate, settle themselves down.

Sassafras jostles with hedge-apples,
milkweed twines with briary blackberry vines,
maple saplings wrestle with oak.

And all the wee folk play hide and seek
with black-eyed Susan’s and run away
brandishing Queen Anne’s lace;
while Bachelor buttons corner shy violets.

A secret place: to climb unobserved, unseen
and sway one with the wind.
A mulberry bends under my small weight
—its fruit to taste: the secret place.

c. Darlene Moore Berg


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The mocha brown back bends,
a brindled face drenches itself
in a full bladed green bouquet
her black-eyed calf strays,
tags another and kick-runs
away, but not far afield.

Yield to the moment
Pasture yourself
in the quiet country’s
peace and grace.
The nodding queen-Anne’s-lace
the spires of cornflowers blue as the sky
Stand and gaze,
bow and graze your soul.
Chew the cud of calm.
Feed enough to move on.

c.Darlene Moore Berg


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